Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studio

Designing & Building World Class Trophy Rooms

Trophy Rooms
The team at PMWS will work with you no matter what stage you are in. Whether you already have the taxidermy and need room to display them or you need all the taxidermy done and a trophy room designed for them, we can help to ensure the space being designed is exactly what you want, renderings can be provided to help visualize the space. During this process, it is encouraged to think about future hunting goals to ensure the space will be big enough for future trophies as well as current ones.
Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studios takes great pride in designing and building trophy rooms that preserve your memories and reflect your personalities. No space is too big or too small to be transformed into something amazing. Murals are a great addition to any trophy room. PMWS has a very talented team of mural artists that are passionate about recreating your memories by using pictures from your hunts. They can create murals that help tell your stories.
Actual Photo
Mural of Actual Photo
Before Mural
After with Mural