Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studio

Making Mountains

Searching for a better way to make affordable mountains, Chris began playing with polyurethane resins, poring resins into molds made from real rocks and then poring foam behind the plastic shell to achieve rigidity. Having done this with small boulders, Chris realized that he could likely use the same technique on a larger scale, making modular flat panels for mountain construction. He joined forces with Rico Rock, a company that constructed concrete panels for waterfalls on swimming pools and already had one of the largest rock mold libraries in the world. The molds used were molded off of natural rock faces sculpted by the hand of God, allowing Chris to achieve maximum detail on every square inch of the mountain.

Chris and crew have done hundreds of hours of research and development to come up with this superior product, with a color matched on every layer so if any thing should ever get scratched or cracked the under material will be a natural color that wont show up like yellow foam, or white plaster dose. Every rock that Prairie Mountain manufacture is fire rated so that in the event that your mountain catches fire the burning poly actually produces a carbon-dioxide and self-extinguishes, without this added ingredient polyurethane foam, a petroleum-based product that is impregnated with oxygen burns extremely well.


Combining what has been learned from the many ways of building mountains, Chris feels that he and his partners have come up with a cost- and time effective way of building mountains that are easy to clean and can easily support the weight of two men, an advantage when cleaning,and placing the trophy mounts on the structure.